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funny google earth pictures

funny google earth pictures. google maps funny.
  • google maps funny.

  • Beanoir
    Apr 15, 05:34 PM
    Exactly. Its called being a kid. Luckily, you'll age out of it. Until then, suck it up and get used to it.

    Exactly, you're a child, a minor, a non-voter, you have no adult rights and the reason you're still at school is to learn...

    If your IT admin who understand the network, administer the network and have to fix all the problems caused by students that don't know much at all, then they are well within their right (as adults, teachers, professionals) to do what they ned to to protect the investment in their infrastructure.

    Consider it a learning experience, these people know more than you.

    I'm sure if you ask nicely they'll give it back.

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  • Found On Google Earth

  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Jan 12, 09:10 PM
    Sorry for the double post.. But is that a Man ???? :eek:

    yup, she is a "man" alright... :rolleyes:

    funny google earth pictures. Google Earth captures 2
  • Google Earth captures 2

  • Detlev
    Jul 12, 07:47 PM
    Oh stop whinning. You know deep down there were way to many people using the discount when they should not have been. The policy just falls back on what they previously did years ago with the discount. Dang, it wasn't long ago that you had to have it shipped to the school. Come on, look at what some university bookstores are doing now before you can buy Apple software at discount.

    I don't blame them. It makes it tougher for those whom need the hardware but this has gone on long enough. It's three hundred flippin' USD, and you get enough upgrades for that. Suck it up and work a few hours of overtime for a couple weeks.

    Good for you Apple! There is no need to explain.

    funny google earth pictures. Found On Google Earth
  • Found On Google Earth

  • Clive At Five
    Oct 25, 05:01 PM
    Don't include me in your "we". I want my iTV and iPhone.

    Yeah so do I, but I want Apple EMPHASIS on computers. It seems as though their #1 priority right now is on gadgets. I want a mid-range tower. All the Apple news we have right now is anything but computers.


    funny google earth pictures. Some strange places in Google
  • Some strange places in Google

  • darbus69
    Apr 11, 03:34 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    wish I lived in a 1D world so i could appreciate it more...;-0

    funny google earth pictures. Here is a big Google Earth
  • Here is a big Google Earth

  • xlii
    Apr 11, 06:25 PM
    It's cool, but I'm getting dizzy just looking at it. Sucks to have simulator sickness.

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  • Funny Google Earth Screenshot

  • ravenvii
    Jul 29, 10:08 PM
    Sadly, I remember reading an article a while back that said the number one import beer in the U.K. was...Budweiser. Not the Czech version, but the Anheuser-Busch version. There also stats showing how much their sales were going up, while sales of Guinness were down all around the U.K. It was very depressing. All those lovely beers to import from their own back yard, and Budweiser is the number one import? I haven't seen any numbers on the rest of the EU, though.

    I... don't understand.

    funny google earth pictures. my car in Google Earth!
  • my car in Google Earth!

  • slobeck
    Jan 6, 01:08 PM
    I'll be there as usual. This will be my, umm, 11th MacWorld. I thought about getting a flashforward package, but it's not worth it given what they're offering.
    To tell you the truth about MacWorld in general; some of the workshops are alright, i guess. The parties are fun, of course the keynote is 'it.' But beyond that, MacWorld largely is something of a "yawn." Don't get me wrong... I go. Every year. Like a lemming. I get enough of the hype that I swear they pump into the AC, pretty quickly. Then I go home to watch the keynote like everyone else, on the overloaded, start and stop H264 stream.

    Hoorah for MacWorld!

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  • Google Map Funny pictures

  • theBB
    Sep 12, 08:24 PM
    I'm actually a bit interested in this. Mind posting a link? My brother's been wanting something like this, and I think I might get this for his birthday over a shuffle because he likes having a screen.


    funny google earth pictures. Google Earth
  • Google Earth

  • TheUndertow
    Apr 12, 06:15 AM
    What about:
    MacBooks made of carbon fiber (replacing white plastic).
    MacBook Pros made of Liquidmetal.

    IMO it would be the other way around...Carbon Fiber is a "Pro" a material as you get.

    funny google earth pictures. place on google earth,
  • place on google earth,

  • silversin
    Apr 5, 02:17 AM

    And again.. We don't know what to believe. (note the apple trees)

    funny google earth pictures. google maps funny street view.
  • google maps funny street view.

  • milo
    Apr 13, 10:25 AM
    It's possible. It's also quite possible that NF's offerings will either get very much scaled back or have a big price increase after their current content contracts expire and they have to renegotiate (and end up with terms that are much closer to what Apple and others have as opposed to their current deal which gives them a big advantage).

    funny google earth pictures. google-map-battle.jpg
  • google-map-battle.jpg

  • lewion
    Sep 12, 11:58 AM
    Must have been up there by mistake or just a brief moment. It's now gone.
    uhm it's still there ...

    funny google earth pictures. Bomber in Goog Earth
  • Bomber in Goog Earth

  • skunk
    Jan 9, 05:39 PM
    I'm really disappointed with these annoucements. Where's the stuff for their computers? Leopard? iLife 07? It just seems like they're pushing into every aspect of the market as quickly as possible. A business is like a tree...ignore the roots, and it'll die. Not that I'm saying Apple's going anywhere, but there a lot of disappointed people.Leopard was never going to be ready yet, and the iPhone merited the whole keynote to itself. What are you complaining about?

    There's really nothing for anyone - every single person in that room, watching Jobs give his Keynote, without a doubt, has their own phone in their pocket.And most of them are probably ready to ditch those phones for something better.

    funny google earth pictures. Funny Things On Google Earth
  • Funny Things On Google Earth

  • PlaceofDis
    Sep 9, 09:55 PM
    Neildmitchell, it looks nice! :)

    I'm thinking of going all out and getting 2nd holes done in my earlobes.

    I know, I know, I'm a rebel!

    stretching ear lobes is fun!! im at 8 right now, going up to 2 in a month or so. ;)

    funny google earth pictures. Google Earth Helps You Find
  • Google Earth Helps You Find

  • Dias
    Nov 20, 07:18 PM
    10.6 is very decent but there are a couple of minor things that would make me very happy;
    being able to password protect individual folders

    Yep, this would be nice as well. :(

    funny google earth pictures. funny google earth pictures.
  • funny google earth pictures.

  • macquariumguy
    Dec 1, 03:39 PM

    It's exactly what it needs to be. The market is not ready for a full on electric vehicle. Range, charge time, infrastructure, cost, etc is not where they need to be.

    I agree the market isn't ready for a battery-only EV, but I disagree that the Volt is "what it needs to be". It's still a dual drivetrain vehicle, and I think that's the wrong approach.

    Much better would be a small diesel engine to power a generator. Look at locomotives for the right way to do an extended range EV.

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  • know that now Google Earth

  • JoeG4
    Mar 20, 01:58 AM
    Dude we're talking about 5-8year old PowerMacs. @ the guy that's saying that they had an 11% repair rate... DUDE. You WILL have to fix something in a machine that old eventually. My QS went into the shop more times than I care to admit, but I ran it into the ground and at 7 years old somebody stole the darn thing -_-

    The G5 I'm using right now is 7 years old, the memory controller was running alarmingly hot, but I yanked the backside fan and stuck a regular antec fan in its place and the temps are back to semi-normal now.

    Don't expect a 7 year old machine to not have problems, but if you have backups to fall back on you'll probably be ok.

    funny google earth pictures. google earth alphabet 7 Google
  • google earth alphabet 7 Google

  • Tonewheel
    Apr 11, 11:12 AM
    CF is ugly

    Are you referring to what you see in the photo?

    I suggest you look at pictures of current Formula 1 cars. They are constructed of carbon fibre panels, painted, and are gorgeous.


    Apr 11, 08:00 AM
    I guess it HAS to be on the iBook store to get his approval.. that was the deal breaker I'm sure :rolleyes:

    Jan 8, 07:20 PM

    Mar 26, 06:45 PM
    Ordered my 32 gig wifi mid-day on release day, 3/11. Standard shipping Fed Ex - delivered on the 25th. Using it right now.

    Apr 27, 10:25 AM
    i prefer Mapquest lol

    Apr 28, 10:08 AM
    concidering this is china, i expect the death penalty.

    funny, too, that i still can't find decent ipad 2 cases.

    So true about a decent case. I have yet to find one.

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