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  • CmdrLaForge
    Jul 28, 01:56 PM
    Thats typical for M$ and thats why we hate them all....:mad:

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  • Aetherhole
    Mar 16, 08:10 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    In line at Fashion Island. #6 in line. Here we go again!

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  • arn
    Apr 28, 04:45 PM
    another confirmation from the Tipb.com editor

    Yes, white iPhone *slightly* thicker. Tighter in several cases.

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  • MikeDTyke
    Mar 29, 08:12 AM
    well if its $129 then people would just pay $99 for the mac developer program and get it $30 cheaper

    $79 or less

    You don't get final versions of the software they release in the dev program.

    The Gold master will not get software updates post release date.

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  • mklos
    Dec 3, 09:56 AM
    Router, firewall I feel OK.

    I hate to tell you this, but they are really no help when it comes to spyware. I don't know what you were referring to there, but with adware/spyware they won't help you one bit. Adware comes mostly through port 80, which is the port the internet comes through. So if you want, you can set your router/firewall to block port 80, but then you don't have any internet.

    That being said, someone could figure out how to get around a firewall. As with any software based firewall, there are vulnerabilities in it, even the OS X one. A router (hardware based), well, thats a little different.

    But there are things Apple could do to make OS X more secure. Hopefully Leopard will patch a bunch of holes and make it even harder for adware and anything else to get in. Then release patches for Panther/Tiger. They've done this in the past with Tiger security enhancements and then releasing a patch for Panther.

    I believe SecurityWorks (or whatever they're called), works with Apple now instead of against them to aid in finding "holes" in the system. This is the way it should be. They should be hiring people/companies to find holes in the OS and to report them exclusively to Apple ONLY so they can be fixed.

    We Mac users are way to secure with ourselves and one day its going to bite us in the butt bigtime. A lot of us throw the talk to the hand up when OS X starts getting bashed about its insecurity. This is a bad thing and some of us need to shape up. These very people will be the first to bitch and complain about their Mac getting spyware and/or viruses when it happens. And of course, its all Apple's fault!

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  • duklaprague
    Oct 24, 08:11 AM
    I'm probably not as hard core as a lot of you guys, but it seems a pretty good update to me.

    The low end MBP is now �1349 in the UK, that's a better spec than what �1699 would have got me yesterday. 1GB RAM finally as a starting point, HD up from 80 to 120 - things that I would have tried to stretch to the �1699 model until now.

    I'm probably not looking to replace my trusty G4PB until next year anyway - but I'm happy enough to see those pennies going further with each revision.

    The G4PB cost me �1999 back in Jan 04.


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  • Snowy_River
    Jul 12, 01:35 AM
    Consolidating some replies here...

    How about if inspector sections could be 'torn off' and moved or docked below like in photoshop? There are certainly 2 or 3 sections that I would like open all the time.<snip>

    Why not just use more than one inspector? Pages allows you to add more inspectors to your screen anytime you want (up to a maximum of 8). If you've got the screen real-estate, why not just have an inspector for each panel that you're hitting all the time. I usually have at least two open...

    Grammer checker (dubious value in my opinion)
    Better mathematical notation input
    Table of Contents is not bad but could have some additional features.
    better cross referencing

    I agree on all counts. I use MathType for my equations, and while I can relatively easily cut and paste them in, there are often text baseline issues, and it just plain isn't that elegant. AppleWorks had nice hooks into MathType or Equation Editor. Double click on an equation and it would pop up in the editor, and so on.

    Apple never intended for iWork to compete with MS Office. Apple merely wanted to fill a niche for those AppleWorks users who didn't need a full blown behemoth Office Suite like MS Office.

    It is only the die-hard Apple users that detest MS Office who are suggesting that iWork is a replacement for MS Office.

    Well, now that depends, doesn't it. What percentage of users (consumer or professional) do you suppose actually use the features that set MS Word apart from Pages? I bet you it's pretty small. So, for all of the rest, then Pages is a competitor for MS Word. And that pool includes a lot of professionals as well as consumers. You said it, yourself. It's for users that don't need a behemoth office suite.

    I have been using Pages and Keynote since Day One. Pages One was almost worthless in my book. Apple should have given away Pages v2 to those who suffered through version 1. Keynote was interesting and useful from version one but still lags significantly behind PowerPoint.

    Okay, I'm curious, how is it that Keynote lags significantly behind PowerPoint? I started using Keynote with version 1, and I was able to do things with it that colleagues couldn't get close to with PowerPoint. Now, I'll grant that there are some things that PowerPoint does that Keynote is still either not good at or simply can't do, but the same can be said in the other direction. So, from my perspective, Keynote and PowerPoint have been on a nearly equal footing for some time. Yet you think PowerPoint is significantly ahead of Keynote? Please explain...

    I realize that some people will be more content with a consumer version and will recommend it as a replacement. But that still doesn't give it the same functionality of the Professional app.

    Yeah, as others have said, let's be careful with labels. Just because I don't have $25,000 invested in camera equipment does that mean that I'm not a "professional" photographer? Or, if I wrote a book using an iBook instead of a "professional" computer like a PowerBook or a PowerMac or (gulp) a PC, does that mean that I'm not a professional author? I could go on, but my point is simple. Programs are tools, just like computers, cameras, etc. The tool is never what makes a professional. The person using it is.

    Now, that said, there are some professionals who need some of the tools that MS Office gives them, and they can't do their job without them. Great. Use MS Office. More power to them. But there are a lot of professionals who don't, and for them iWork can be a perfectly functional professional application. And, I think what some others have been trying to say is that it might even be a better application.

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  • playaj82
    Jul 26, 02:21 PM
    I still don't have a desire to touch my LCD screen

    Unless they can figure something out where that doesn't happen, I'm not impressed.

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  • AppleScruff1
    May 4, 03:05 AM
    While it may be true that the new iPhone won't be out until Sept, I doubt the cs rep has any official information or notification.

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  • iApples
    May 2, 01:12 AM
    300 lb virgins with A cups, facial hair, and gonorrhea

    enjoy yourself Osama

    Some people may dig that sorta thing. :D

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  • notabadname
    Apr 28, 11:00 AM
    It is an impressive market share to be commanded by a single product line, versus numerous hardware manufacturers running Android. No single Android product even comes close.

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  • astewart
    Nov 4, 04:31 PM
    I can't seem to get the VMWare Tools to install after the "Guest" OS has loaded. I select "Install VMWare Tools" from the Menubar but nothing happens.
    Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 22, 04:17 PM
    I wouldn't be cool with the teardrop shape. I love the design of the iPhone 4 and would be disappointed if they went a different direction.

    But, I'm sure we will be hearing rumors about many different designs between now and the actual unveiling.

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  • goosnarrggh
    Dec 5, 12:48 PM
    Furthermore, one of the MOKB flaws is just a bug and is not actually a security vulnerability. The dmg vulnerability, wherein a malformed disk image can crash OS X and during this inject uknown code, has been debunked according to this guy (http://alastairs-place.net/2006/11/dmg-vulnerability/).

    Indeed on first read, I'd say that he presents a convincing argument. I'll go along with his diagnosis that there's no hole that could open you up to arbitrary code execution. If that's your definition of a security hole, then it follows that there's no security hole there. But it's still leaving you open the possibility that the operating system may crash for no apparent reason, causing you to lose any unsaved work.

    Lost work... Depending on how productive you are, that can easily result in monetary damage being done.

    As I posted previously, that leaves you in no worse a situation than you always are if you're running a desktop computer without a UPS. But I think that it still warrants attention.

    At best it still qualifies as an inconvenience, because the savvy user who saves her work regularly will only have lost 5 or 6 minutes of productivity including the reboot. At worst, it can result in hours of lost work for the user who doesn't understand the "save your work" mantra -- especially if we're talking about somebody who's protected by a battery backup and doesn't think that unexpected reboots should be possible on such an inherently stable operating system.

    And it's undoubtedly a bug inside Apple's software that's causing this problem, therefore it is absolutely appropriate that Apple should be expected to fix it. I appreciate anybody's effort to bring such bugs to light, because that increases the probability that Apple will find out about it and fix it.

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  • akac
    Aug 15, 09:19 PM

    Am I the only one that thinks this is potentially the new UI?

    I don't mind the "bubbles" in concept. What I think is hideous is the ovalness of them and the coloring. I'd prefer something lighter and beveled.

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  • kuwisdelu
    Apr 22, 04:29 PM
    I'd prefer if the iPhone retained a glass backing like on the iPhone 4; I think it's just so sexy.

    Same here. If true, I'll probably get a white iPhone 4 instead.

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  • blow45
    Mar 31, 03:04 PM
    butt ugly (at the very, very list leave the option of reverting as in the mail.app)

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  • decafjava
    Apr 14, 12:52 PM
    Happy with my black iPhone4 I got in January and can wait til iPhone6. :D

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 22, 05:01 PM
    That looks hideous.

    It was a mock up made based on a sketch given to them. It's not as if they had a CAD file to go from.

    Apr 22, 05:25 PM
    You went up in arms about the itunes logo, but when a mockup is truly horrible, you praise it? This is about the worst mockup i've ever seen.

    Apple, please never ever put that awful backing on the iphone. ever.

    You hip generation might like holes in your jeans and scratches on your phone, but I just think it's stupid. :p

    Maybe they're afraid of yet again having to face the embarassment of having first bashed a design and said it looks like a cheap chinese knock-off and then doing a 180 degree turn when it turns out it's Apples own design, it's a precautionary measure.
    (For the record, I never liked the 3G/3GS design, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the leaked iP4 images and loved it when it turned out to be the actual thing, and if this ugly abomination turns out to be an actual Apple product I loose all respect for Apple)

    Apr 28, 05:03 PM
    I agree - if this does turn out to be in fact the truth Apple has some explaining to do.

    Yes, definitely a scandal. Steve Jobs must respond to this immediately on twitter so the word gets out about how Apple will make new White Phone's whole. More free bumpers would be the minimum, I would think. We must marshal the media and post youtube videos about this.

    Aug 15, 09:33 PM
    NO one uses iChat because no one uses AIM. Its all crappy MSN!

    Around here AIM is all anyone uses...

    It's starting to look really interesting. I'm extremely happy that Time Machine is optional... I don't delete anything unless I'm sure I won't need it. And, I back up my home folder to my server about every week, and I keep it for about a month and then delete it.

    I also hope that there's different themes... like brushed metal, soft metal, aqua, etc.

    Apr 22, 05:23 AM
    Stop suing others when you're in the wrong. So irritating.

    Apr 22, 05:48 PM
    That seems impossibly thin. Where are they going to put the hardware? Take the thickness of the glass and backlighting & the back-plate away and there's nothing left on the lower half.

    Sceptic here.

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