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funny wedding pictures. Funny wedding photos
  • Funny wedding photos

  • flopticalcube
    Apr 11, 02:15 PM
    Could this be the eventual end of usb altogether?

    Unlikely. USB still retains advantages in ubiquity, cost and far more devices supported per connection (128 vs 16). I would see WiFi and Bluetooth as bigger USB competitors.

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  • bman1209
    Mar 31, 11:05 AM
    totally agree! BAD colour but could deal with the layout

    I dont like those random things they are doing. Like changing the "minimize, close window"-buttons on iTunes and App Store. Now this?

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  • morespce54
    Oct 23, 03:50 PM
    Remember once someone sells you something they can not tell you how you can use it. That like you buying a car and in the purchase agreement they tell you your not allow to wreck the car. Grant it, they do not have to warranty it after you wreck it, but if you want to wreck it, that is up to you.

    Does it apply to purchased iTMS songs too? :rolleyes: :confused: ;)

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  • RodThePlod
    Jul 21, 04:29 PM

    One question, what is he doing to that rabbit? :eek:

    What a strange clip!

    Hehehehehe... when I was watching that I thought the rabbit was gonna spin around and eat the little guy!

    Kinda like Microsoft were the big guy and Apple were the lil' guy...


    www.expodition.com - for iPod users who love to travel

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  • Am3822
    Oct 24, 07:55 AM
    I've had a look in their 'seven times faster' stuff -- what's the point of comparing a CD 2.16 to C2D 2.33? Apart from that, assuming that it wouldn't spit flames through the vents or sound like a Harrier at take off, I intend to buy one.

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  • Tower-Union
    Sep 18, 01:31 PM
    I used to fold with Macrumors a few years ago, as I remember it we had a pretty powerful team, seems now things are waning, and this board has cooled off. I suppose I'm guilty of leaving as well (jumped ship for Penny Arcade, great comic BTW), am I just glossing over old memories or have things actually slowed down?

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 29, 04:07 PM
    Nice deflection. You've been on the offensive out of the gate in this game. I don't know what your h*rd-on is for me this game, but apparently I appear a good victim in your eyes. You've played these games a long time, and are a very good player, you know exactly how to tweak things to your advantage and this unusual hardball manner you're playing this game is telling.

    Deflection of what? Your act of desperation? Have some dignity and just die, so we can get on with another game. You and nies screwed this one up.

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  • NinjaHERO
    Mar 31, 10:43 AM
    Not a fan of the look. But the current Ical is lacking in functions I would like to have. So if the new look comes with new options and features, I'll happily deal with it.

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  • ucfgrad93
    Feb 28, 04:37 PM
    I feel bad for the rest of the cast and crew that are now not receiving a paycheck because of Sheen's idiocy. :mad:

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  • Don't panic
    Apr 29, 03:38 PM
    Lastly, I'm kinda bummed that I haven't made the narration yet.:(

    Me too. Given the theme i was already picturing myself as the marquee artist of the production ;)

    anyway, the situation right now is:
    eldiablo: 4 (dontpanic, chrmjenkins, aggie, ucfgrad)
    chrmjenkins: 1 (jav)

    not voted yet: Lbro, eldiablo

    not much room to maneouvre for eldiablo, except in deciding who to infect (if he hasn't done it already).

    so tomorrow should be 4 vs 1 (or 5 vs 1 if the hunter is successful). with everyone with equal chances of being wolfized.
    it's like starting a new game, a tricky one with two shots at finding the wolf

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  • jameselson
    May 3, 07:55 AM
    It was possible to use the previous 27" as an external display for a MacBook. Can't see any mention of that after a brief scan, and it's a deal-breaker for me. Anyone spot such a feature?

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  • bella92108
    Jun 6, 09:08 PM
    I always love to bring that up at those Mcdonalds debates.

    Yeah, after all if you buy a coffee there u have to sign a waiver of responsibility for burns, then reply YES three times to the cashier asking "Are you sure you want to buy this potentially scalding-hot coffee?" ... but what's it matter, thanks to people not wanting to take responsibility we can't buy coffee above 82 degrees fahrenheit. lol


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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 21, 10:58 PM
    Interesting that they avoided U.S. courts.

    Mannheim is very very fast venue - something like a year, maybe less. And the defendant can't argue the patent is invalid (they need to do that in a separate, slower action).

    The US courts are pro Apple.

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 29, 10:24 PM
    How stupid can Jeff Bozo be?!
    By undercutting the already cheap ala cart business model the record labels and the artist and writers etc are going to fell the pain right down to their pockets.

    I'm not sure at what price point predatory pricing becomes an issue, but I would think that Amazon may have crossed that line.

    Now, it may be possible that Amazon is not offering the same product at $.69 a song. For example I have downloaded a song from Amazon that I paid $.99 for, and was surprised to see it did not have the same sample rate as my iTunes songs.

    At some point I can't see the studios nor the artists wanting to take an income-per-song hit without having their say about it. If Amazon is selling music at a loss per song, then the FTC might have a say about that.

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  • leekohler
    Mar 1, 07:58 AM
    Others have touched on this as well, but here's what Charlie said in one of his latest interviews (http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/41824830/ns/today-entertainment/):

    Okay, this is past the point where it's funny. This man has some very serious mental issues. He's starting to out-crazy Gadhafi -- and that's not easy.

    Agreed. This guy is beyond sick. If someone doesn't intervene soon, he's going to kill himself, someone else, or both.

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  • Liquorpuki
    Feb 25, 04:13 PM
    And the train wreck continues....


    Dude that's hilarious. Here's the difference between Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen. When Mel Gibson has a meltdown, he turns into a racist a-hole. When Charlie Sheen has a meltdown, he sounds like he just high.

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  • taeclee99
    Apr 13, 01:56 PM
    Highly unlikely that Apple will release an actual tv. More probable are televsions from major manufacturers that have air play functionality built in.

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  • tjmrpm04
    Jun 6, 07:36 AM
    $1000 worth of a beating he'd get if i were his parent. Luckily for kids, i hate them and would never have one. Ever.

    Going out on a limb here, but I am guessing this is not going to be an issue. Now go upstairs because your mom just finished cooking the brisket.

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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 24, 09:02 AM
    For the "why only MBP's and not MB's too"

    As said, less press coverage, but also maybe more important is that now there is a gap between the [rosumer line and the consumer line ;)
    Is that good or bad..?

    Jul 28, 08:16 AM
    Apple has done something VERY important with the iPod. They made it cool, especially among teens thru college-aged kids. Whenever I'm in an Apple store, it's very obvious just how strongly Apple is going after this demographic and I think it's paying off. Once Zune comes out, would you want to be the one kid in school who has a dorky Microsoft MP3 player? Sure, it will probably have more features. Just like those calculator wristwatch things. They are loaded with features too. That doesn't mean that 99% of kids would be caught dead wearing one.

    Too many features can be a bad thing. I remember guy back in college... He always had the latest and greatest gadgets. Cell phone and beeper on his belt, you know they type. ***** tool.

    As long as the iPod keeps it's position as the "cool" MP3 player, they will be just fine.

    Jul 21, 11:49 AM
    I'm sorry, I can't see you over the end of my nose. ;)

    Apr 22, 05:08 PM
    Ugh I wish they'd keep the iPod Touch and iPhone different in appearance.

    IJ Reilly
    Jul 12, 10:59 PM
    ... anyway, this can be accomplished in Pages, but it requires a bit of creativity. Start with a custom page size (5.5 x 8.5 presumably). Lay out your booklet on these pages. Then, when printing the pdf, output 2-up. Reordering the pages into the correct order for printing is a bit of trick, but once you know the order, the pages can be dragged where they belong in the thumbnail viewer. This is really a job for a good page layout application, not a word processor of any kind. I sure wouldn't trust it to a Word Wizard.

    Also, anyone who'd send a Word document to a printer with the expectation of good results is not anyone who I'd mistake for knowing the first thing about graphic arts or printing.

    Nov 11, 09:17 AM
    The feature currently doesn't seem to exist (or may be hidden).

    In which version? For Win/Lin or the OS X beta?

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