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  • BaldiMac
    Apr 5, 12:51 PM
    um....what didn't you understand? There was FUD about android being fragmeneted, yet two releases make up 90% of the install base. Ok, what stats would you like to deal from? otherwise stop running your jib when your obviously just regurgitating what you read here.

    Did you read what I actually wrote? Your statistics are not complete. And then there is the fact that Google considers fragmentation to be a major problem.

    More importantly, fragmentation is not only about OS version. It's also about UI and hardware features.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Nov 16, 10:17 PM
    I really don't think they will actually market this and if they do the modules will cost a fortune.

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  • shiseiryu1
    Apr 19, 08:29 AM
    I don't care about Portal. Valve needs to stop messing around and come out with Half-Life 3 or at least the 3rd episode of HL2.

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  • peharri
    Nov 3, 12:58 PM
    The original dispute you had with my statement was that W-CDMA did not leverage CDMA and GSM technologies. The quote from Wikipedia clearly states that W-CDMA does leverage the CDMA signalling method.

    The original dispute I had with your statement was your assertion "W-CDMA is a mixture of CDMA and, to a lesser extent, GSM technologies."

    This is false. There's no GSM in W-CDMA. It isn't a mixture of anything. I also made the point to explicitly point out that W-CDMA is a CDMA air interface technology, but not derived from IS-95. This was to clear up a common misconception and wasn't directed specifically at you.

    However, whatever the case, there's no GSM in W-CDMA. There's GSM in UMTS, which uses W-CDMA, but none in W-CDMA. The parts of GSM that "do the same work" as W-CDMA does couldn't be less related.

    As for the presentation from the IEEE, it jives with other literature I've read in my IEEE publications that I subscribe to and the IEEE is a very credible source in my book.

    I'm sure it is, but it's nonetheless wrong if it implies what you suggested. The one thing I will point out though is that the alphabet soup in mobile phone standards leads common confusions of terms that have gone into this part of the industry too.

    Just as "CDMA" is commonly used to mean "the IS-95 (or Qualcomm) implementation of CDMA", W-CDMA is frequently used to mean UMTS.

    Nonetheless, that usage is wrong, and it's extremely easy to prove it's wrong. FOMA is not UMTS based (it has some things in common, namely the air interface standard and it's compatible with the same USIM cards, but the high level protocols themselves are completely different.) FOMA was the first W-CDMA system.

    I promise you, W-CDMA is only the lowest layer of the UMTS system. It doesn't have any GSM in it, that's in the rest of UMTS.

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  • balamw
    Oct 18, 03:04 PM
    If Apple always intended to release the new 6G/widescreen iPod at the same time as the Zune, why did they bring out the 5.5G so recently?
    The iTunes 5->6 transition and iPod mini->nano transitions should demonstrate that just because something is new and/or successful it doesn't mean that it won't be replaced suddenly by Apple on a whim. :p


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  • -AG-
    Apr 10, 08:16 PM
    Well now we know what the 2012 Global Best selling Biography will be.

    ...Its a book even the haters will buy just to read and say "see he is a prick, just like we always suspected"

    Little do they realised that they would have just forked over $29.95 to come to this conclusion.

    Marketing genius :)

    If only Oprah and her book club were still around.

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  • srathi
    Apr 4, 09:43 AM
    Exactly. I love how this report has everything broken down by manufacturer and OS, yet when they show their chart of typical usage (texting, downloading apps, web) they lump all devices in together as one!

    Oh, really? Android users download apps at the same rate as iOS users do? I don't think so, but for them to reveal this fact would go against their mission, which was to show Apple stagnant and Android surging.

    I saw some stats right here on MR several months back that showed the majority of Andorid users don't even surf the web on their devices, and Android has only about 20% of the web presence that iOS had, and at that time the "marketshare" was just about at parity.

    You are totally misinformed or you are a blind iFanboy. As per a story on Appleinsider today, Android web share is actually higher than that of iPhone.

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  • Abstract
    Nov 13, 07:15 PM
    For those people who are asking whether or not they need the update(s), have you ever thought about clicking on the update button so that Apple can check and see if you do?

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  • aLoC
    Nov 11, 01:13 AM
    I am hoping one of the unannounced features of Leopard will be greatly enhanced speech recognition.

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 12, 07:50 AM
    Who really thought another iPad would come out this year...i mean honestly? :rolleyes:

    agreed, lets just enjoy the two for now...

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 11, 11:44 PM
    The law seems discriminatory against women. What about ski masks or someone like Michael Jackson (when he was alive) and his black kerchief or when he covered his children's faces?

    That would be illegal with the new law as well. AFAIK, it's now illegal in France to wear garments that conceal one's face in public - not only for women but for men too. Since it applies to women and men equally, it's not discriminatory.

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  • jsf8x
    Jan 7, 08:28 PM

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 4, 09:49 PM
    July 23rd.

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  • obeygiant
    Mar 16, 09:23 AM
    Simple. They don't have Republicans. They actually give a **** about each other and come together to help each other. In the US- it's every man for himself. Just ask a Libertarian.

    BAWWWWWWWWW! (http://i683.photobucket.com/albums/vv196/ronin_distance/dawson_bawww.jpg)

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  • Grakkle
    Nov 13, 09:58 PM
    Cool, my friend said his computer had strange start up problems, this probably fixes them.

    Wouldn't count on it. I swear some updates seem to mess things up worse than before.:rolleyes:

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  • techfreak85
    Feb 14, 09:00 PM
    nice! what kind of times per frame are you getting in OS X?
    Between 35:30 -38:00 mins depending if I am using it/leave stuff open and running. It's like 2 mins faster in Windows.:(

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  • Matty-p
    Apr 11, 03:45 AM
    Hello kind folks of MacRumors.com-

    I am wishing for help and advice deciding what type of hardware to purchase for a 30TB server. It must meet the following requirements:

    • 30TB RAID (Redundancy important for backup purposes)
    • Remote Accessibility in that I would like to be able to pull files from it anywhere that I have an internet connection.
    • Macintosh friendly– it does not need to run OS X Server, it just needs to connect without hassle to Macs.

    This will be used for at my office for archiving video. We may want to use Final Cut Server to sort the files in the future. I have been tasked with building this setup and am hoping for suggestions from one of the brightest communities on the web. :D

    Your time in responding is much appreciated.

    fill it with 2tb drives and get a mac mini server or a mac pro server or eqv for remote (with a fat pipe if you don't have one allready)

    or use this (32tb option) for the storage either one of these or the active raid will do fine

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  • EM87
    Mar 28, 01:57 AM
    Yeah, except they forgot to include HD-DVD. :p

    Microsoft is falling into Sony's little trap: they've got the advantage of making a profit because Sony's got a higher priced console, BUT Sony's also losing money for us consumers. Once everyone realizes that, and adds the prices up for the things the 360 is missing (such as wireless and HD-DVD), man does a PS3 seem like an incredible value. Not only that, the 1.6 update really kicks the PS3 up a notch in functionality. They've also got a greater variety of games coming out...We'll see how this turns out.

    And really, I feel really sorry for the people that bought a 360 only a couple months ago...It's a shame that Microsoft has to be childish. :rolleyes:

    Smart ass:p Childish was probably the wrong word.

    Also wouldn't Sony Computer Entertainment still be making a profit from PS2 console, software and accessory sales even though they loose money on every PS3?

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  • Sifon
    May 4, 03:25 PM
    Is the Verizon iPhone 4 EVER going to get the update to iOS 4.3 or has Apple just given up? Seriously, I feel like I have an Android phone here...

    Apr 22, 01:32 PM
    1) They are big and appears to be in image files, not htmls. They may look beautiful on iPad/iPad2 but what will happen when we have a retina screen iPad3? It'll be 1/4 the original size, scaling will make it look ugly.

    Off topic, but the whole point of quadrupling the pixels is that scaling will not make it look ugly. Four 'retina' pixels make up one 'regular' pixel, so you get the exact same image. They would look ugly in comparison to updated imagery, but they will look the same as they do now.

    Apr 19, 09:50 AM
    You also bought the Mac version. There is no Windows only version, and thats the great thing. Much like Blizzard, Valve has signed onto the one release model, and is even trying to push that into the consoles. Buy the game, not the game for the platform. Play it on your beefy hand built Windows gaming PC, and your travel MacBook Pro. One copy.

    Now if only more games would do this. I don't buy games from Feral, or Aspyr since they tend to be released way after the Windows version (with little to no pre-anouncement so I know to not buy the Windows one), and tend to add more DRM (Only version of Quake Wars that requires a disc is Aspyr's Mac version, Windows and Linux = no disc DRM crap). As much as I like to be a Mac gamer, I'm a gamer first, Mac owner second.

    Yep, thats a huge incentive to many Steam titles and Blizzard (as you mentioned).

    BTW: "As much as I like to be a Mac gamer, I'm a gamer first, Mac owner second" My thoughts exactly. Ill use the iMac for feel good, everyday things...but theres nothing like Crysis Maxed out at 60FPS on a monster PC ;)

    Apr 5, 01:44 PM
    Ha Ha. He had to bust it half. That's cheating!!

    Mar 5, 01:04 PM
    That's empty speculation. You weren't there.

    You have no idea what happened.Sure, it's all speculation, apart from the fact that he drove off with her clinging to the hood, and continued for 35 miles, reaching very high speeds. This is more than enough by itself to qualify as attempted murder.

    Mar 20, 01:58 AM
    Dude we're talking about 5-8year old PowerMacs. @ the guy that's saying that they had an 11% repair rate... DUDE. You WILL have to fix something in a machine that old eventually. My QS went into the shop more times than I care to admit, but I ran it into the ground and at 7 years old somebody stole the darn thing -_-

    The G5 I'm using right now is 7 years old, the memory controller was running alarmingly hot, but I yanked the backside fan and stuck a regular antec fan in its place and the temps are back to semi-normal now.

    Don't expect a 7 year old machine to not have problems, but if you have backups to fall back on you'll probably be ok.

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