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  • zap2
    Apr 17, 11:35 PM
    To the poster above me, Apple has been know to downgrade some specs for an "upgrade" and in this case, Intel is forcing there hand. If they want to move onto the i5 chips, they can't used nVidia's GPU which is rated better then Intel built in solution. And since there aren't any other integrated solutions and the Air doesn't have room for a dedicated card, it will likely end up like the 13'' MBP, losing some graphic performance.

    Users will need to decided if GPU power or CPU power is more important after this new upgrade, alone with price, as the current MBA will likely drop.

    As a current MPA owner, I'm glad Apple is finally moving away from the Core 2 Duo's they have been on for so long. Heck I could upgrade my Mac Mini which was my first Mac from 2006 and I'd have a Core 2 Duo, not quite as new of a C2D and the GPU would be greatly lacking, but I can still upgrade if I want.

    But once Apple jumps to Sandy Bridge, even if for a generation of Macs we lose graphic performance, we'll make it up with Ivy Bridge and our CPUs will be more powerful. Plus PC specs won't seem so far ahead.

    Although I was shopping for a PC for a department at the University I work for and finding a GPU in a PC that worked with their rendering software was rather hard. PC makers just don't care about GPUs as much as they used to.

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  • kfury77
    Mar 31, 10:26 AM
    hmm.. I don't like the look of the calendar. I prefer the simple look as it is in Snow Leopard. I hope there is option to switch it to that look.

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  • benhollberg
    Apr 6, 10:28 AM
    Has anybody bought any tickets off eBay?

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  • basesloaded190
    Apr 11, 03:01 PM
    I've seen what TB can do and it's great. But what I'm saying is that it will be HARD for TB to step into a USB-dominated computer industry and just kill USB altogether from all angles. Will TB be faster than USB 3.0?...in real world use by 90% of the consumers/prosumers out there? Maybe. Maybe not. It's like asking Bluray to come in and just dominate the DVD market...it's been trying and 3+ years BluRay is doing well, but the average Joe understands he needs to re-purchase all this movies as well as purchase a hi-def tv and stereo receiver to take advantage of all the features of Bluray (I love Bluray, by the way). It's time, money, and not everyone sees the value or HAS A NEED for that value.

    Will people throw out all their USB devices and twiddle their thumbs waiting for TB devices other than hard drives (cameras, printers, video cams, keyboards, mice, flash keys,)? No. Of course not.

    Speed vs. Speed is 1 argument...versatility is another. But again, what I'm really saying is to look around you and ask yourself if the world is just going to dump USB technology for TB? Nope. TB will likely coincide with USB 3.0 just like eSATA and Firewire.

    We'll see in a few years where we are.

    I agree. USB isn't going anywhere. The thing that really gets me excited about TB is what other's have said: The ability to have a hub of some sort coming from one TB connection and at the other end having let's say a USB, FW, DP, Audio, and Ethernet. The ability to do things like that is what makes TB really stand out a something much better than USB has the capabilities to do.

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  • Salacion
    Apr 21, 10:43 PM
    I'm happy that there's a like/dislike system now, so that we can see how negative the reaction is towards Full of Win's comments. :D

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  • AHDuke99
    Nov 3, 08:50 PM
    how do you use a physical partition with vmware? i'd love to se my bootcamp with VMware ..

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  • NativeOSXboy
    Apr 22, 10:06 AM
    Who's blasting Apple ? This shouldn't be an emotional discussion about the history of both corporations, this is about a specific case/cases. As such it should be rooted in facts and objective commentary, not in some subjective tangeant ranting like you went on.

    The copying isn't so blatant, and it's highly model dependant. Some biased Apple media is making it look worse than it is with cherry picked images. Here's a post where I clear up the muddied waters a bit :

    And here's one about the famous Icon grid :

    To claim "Blatant copying" at this point is only to get eat whatever the media is feeding you. The courts will decide how much Samsung does or doesn't infringe on Apple's various trademarks and the trade dress claims.

    Your right. I didn't see it before, I did mix up emotions in a logical argument. My bad, you make a great case.

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  • cocky jeremy
    Jan 27, 03:05 PM
    if you buy headphones for the style, you shouldn't be buying pairs that cost three digits.

    Wouldn't it be the opposite? If you buy them based on style, you'd have to spend more.

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  • Intell
    Apr 27, 10:31 AM
    After the uneventful night in the brig, chrmjenkins awoke to a new sight. What he saw was NathanMuir frozen in banana flavored Popsicle. After thinking about whether he should free him, he saw appleguy321 sulking in the corner. "Why are you so down and sad?" he asked.

    "Their going to eject us out into space." appleguy123 replied.

    "Do you want to help free NathanMuir?"

    "You don't want to lick that. It isn't a Popsicle." appleguy312 said with a weak smile. chrmjenkins, now repulsed by the encapsulated NathanMuir, started to panic. "Must not panic, must not panic." he muttered.

    "Here read this, it'll calm you down." said appleguy312 as he handed him an Intell Classmate sized thing with glowing writing on the side. chrmjenkins opened it and was presented with an animated picture of a common bending robot drinking tea. "Is this all it does?"

    "No, it usually does more. But I think it needs its fuel cell replaced. I put my last one in my lightvibrator." Then a loud grinding noise sounded out across the rooms walls. A wide hole opened in the ceiling and little compressed cubes of garbage dropped in. Then just as suddenly as the ceiling opened, the floor dissolved into empty space. Everyone and everything in the room instantly got flung into space.

    Now the proper thing for one to do in outer space would be to exhale to prevent one's lungs from exploding one's chest. NathanMuri, unable to do so, exploded in to a horrid scene. appluguy123 and chrmjenkins held on to each other in their last moments of life. The chance of getting picked up in the vastness of space is roughly 42 to the power of 01189998819991197253, which just so happens to be a random number made up off the top of Graham Linehan's mind.

    Lucky for the protagonists in this story, a ship materialized out of nowhere right around them and a few garbage cubes.

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  • aafuss1
    Aug 15, 11:34 PM
    Where's drag and drop tabs in Safari-Firefox has that.

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  • jhu
    Oct 24, 06:08 PM
    No, incorrect Dave. Its pretty evident. Business edition or better to run in a virtual environment regardless of the platform the VM is hosted on. End of discussion.

    the wording is rather ambiguous. we know a priori that microsoft's intention is not to allow running home edition on a virtual machine. however, this is not evident in how the eula is worded. as i've mentioned before, it can be interpreted a few ways. on the other hand there's the provision for not allowing the software to run on "virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware." where exactly does this stop? can it be run on an fpga? in some sense, all current x86 processors are emulating the instruction set. so would that leave the original pentium processor the only processor allowed by the eula? does running the software on a transmeta processor constitute "otherwise emulated hardware"? i'm wondering how and why legal departments like to come up with such ambiguous and unclear wording.

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  • MacsAttack
    Nov 3, 02:58 PM
    all i have to say is that vmware is a strong company financially with a very good long term vision/proven track record, there's no way parallels will survive. there's no way all the hardware companies will fully cooperate with parallels, i don't see them lasting, you're better off putting money in vmware, they'll give you a good product, they've been doing it longer and better. but i understand how it is with firsts, it's always hard to part with them. ;)

    even though i didn't get an invite into the beta program, i'm shocked at how quick they're actually executing. that indian exec at vmware said it would be coming soon at the last wwdc, but this is great.

    Given that a number of VmWare's products are essentially free, Parallels will indeed have some significant challenges ahead if the OS X version is likewise free.

    What I could use is the ability to use a VM created with VMWare's PC-based products on OS X (allowing me to use development VMs we use for developemnt and testing on my Mac too).

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  • bushman4
    Apr 26, 02:37 AM
    You guys are to pessimistic. I wouldn't be surprised to see Apple add a matte finish screen to the IMAC or even a smaller bezel. After all just sticking a faster chip in it is not going to cut it.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 26, 01:46 PM
    It'll be a pathetic excuse for a cloud if it'll only stream in the US (which if they continue with this 1 datacenter model will be the case). Amazon will beat them here, hands down. Have you seen how many datacenters they have?


    ^ That vs 1 datacenter...lets think...who's going to get the better performance...

    Also, the point of the cloud is redundancy. What happens WHEN the 1 datacenter goes down (e.g power problems, network problems, natural disasters, etc)? Apple's will be wiped out in one move, Amazon just fail over to another DC location.

    here's another article for you.....


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  • topicolo
    Jul 21, 03:33 PM
    Let's face it: Apple is a monopoly, but with such a small market share, it is a monopoly that we have freely chosen to deal with. We Mac consumers cannot go to the DOJ and claim we have no alternatives (just because your alternatives suck doesn't mean you don't have them.) If Apple were wildly successful and exceeded this threshold market share, their business model may be interfered with by the government.

    By definition, having alternatives makes Apple NOT a monopoly.

    On a side note, who actually voted negatively for this news item? It makes no sense

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  • strabes
    Apr 29, 03:44 PM
    My thoughts exactly. Reeks of collusion and I could see lawsuits flying over this.

    In what way does this reek of collusion?

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 15, 02:27 PM
    App Sandboxing? Since when does Lion do that??

    Even 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 do that, IIRC.

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 14, 12:20 AM
    Apple has it all down to a science. They probably have algorithm's for getting the most possible money out of you.....if you don't see this your blind...Wait for something that actually makes a difference...not just a different color. As if they ever intended to release the white iphone at the same time as the black one hahahaha :rolleyes:

    You do seem to have a point

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  • ayeying
    Oct 18, 10:13 PM
    My first thought was; the AIR is loud?? but then I realized you meant the cool pad :eek:

    Yeah, my bad :D The cooling pad is loud but its not as loud as my first HP Pavilion laptop with a Pentium 4 desktop (yep, a desktop processor) processor in it. That thing had 3 fans running all the time.

    Nov 28, 10:56 AM
    For Christmas:
    A TV which is 3D capable, LED backlighted, full HD, 47 inch to 55 inch and a HDMI port, which is pretty much a standard, for my PS3; that acts as a 3D blu ray player and a great, better than the xbox, games console. I haven't decided which one, yet.


    And an Apple TV, for all the Airplay goodness, via my iPod Touch.


    For my Birthday (things that I wanted for christmas, but waiting for the next generation.)

    iPad 2; hopefully, with a gyro, front and rear facing cameras, a "better display" - not retina, 512mb of RAM, 128gb of SSD goodness and a faster processor.


    27 inch iMac.


    I have been saving up, for years. Christmas 2010 - my birthday, is the "spend it all six months," for me.

    Oh, and I want to meet the REAL Santa.


    Oct 21, 08:17 AM
    My wife and I are going to get 15" MBPs around Christmas time.


    Jul 28, 08:13 AM
    Have you ever used Pandora.com? (It's pretty awesome) Yes, at work I have but now I just listen to my iPod instead.

    Apr 24, 02:08 PM
    When one company acquires another like that, they don't just tear down all the old company's equipment and replace it with their own. If that were the case AT&T would simply skip over the whole mess with getting the deal approved by the US Department of Justice and the FCC and just buy a crapload of equipment to put up themselves with that $39 billion.

    If the deal is approved T-Mobile's assets will be integrated into AT&T's network and AT&T is probably having all their handset manufacturers run similar testing on T-Mobile equipment to ensure compatibility.

    Apple is not "wasting money" on a cell phone provider that is going away, and T-Mobile is not "getting" the iPhone.

    You don't have a clue, but state your opinion as fact. Pretty funny stuff.

    Mar 8, 02:46 PM
    Roseanne's blonde daughter. The Munster's blonde daughter. Dr Elizabeth Weir in Stargate.

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